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Game Development

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Our talented game developers specialize in creating e-learning games, virtual learning lessons & exercises, home schooling resources, and games meant just for fun!

Our Work

  • Zombie! 3D FPS Game

    Zombie! 3D FPS Game

    This custom 3D First Person Shooter was designed to promote the hard rock band, Zombie! This Game contains tons of custom 3D models, three levels of play, music from the band, and lots more.
  • Davy Crockett First Person Shooter Game

    Davy Crockett First Person Shooter Game

    This first-person shooter was created to accompany and promote the Davy Crockett Tall Tales Attraction in San Antonio, TX. The game is packed with custom art, hand-drawn to match the style of this real-life ride.
  • StarrMatica K-2 e-Learning Games

    StarrMatica K-2 e-Learning Games

    StarrMatica Learning Systems K-2 consists of over 300 individual lessons, slides, games and tests. This application was built to work in desktops, laptops and tablets. It has a unique and fun user interface, a member area for the teachers and parents to evaluate the student's progress, and lots more. This project is phase two of the Learning System and provides lessons and games for grades K-2. Phase one, StarrMatica Learning Systems 3-6, is award winning software.
  • GorillaTrades HTML5 Marketing Game

    GorillaTrades HTML5 Marketing Game

    This animated HTML5 game was created to entice customers to sign up for a subscription. It lands on a price specified by the client. It has been so successful that the client has used over and over again to advertize his services!
  • StarrMatica 3-6 e-Learning Software

    StarrMatica 3-6 e-Learning Software

    We are the developers of this Award Winning interactive online learning software - now used in schools, districts and interactive white-board companies nationwide. StarrMatica Learning Systems3-6 consists of over 450 individual lessons, exercises, games & tests. This software was built to work in desktops, laptops and tablets. It has a unique and fun user interface, a member area for the teachers and parents to evaluate the student's progress, and lots more. This project is phase one of the Learning System and provides lessons and games for grades 3-6. This unique software is award winning software.
  • Adobe Air eLearning Application

    Adobe Air eLearning Application

    We created this learning software for GIT Media Group, Inc. and Marvel(R) to teach 5 different languages using Spider-Man (TM) comic books. Named Language Learning with Spider-Man (tm), this is a full-function reading and translation application with a complete dictionary, built-in pronunciation guide and more. This product is now being sold on the shelf in various stores across the country like Walmart, Target and Barnes & Noble(R).
  • Custom Product Demo

    Custom Product Demo

    This custom drag-n-drop activity was created as a demo for a cool new learning game for kids, Writing Made Simple(R).
  • Custom RGP Video Game

    Custom RGP Video Game

    This isometric RPG Adventure game, The Great Hogmanay Adventure, sports top of the line stock art, and 70 different custom screens consisting of 4 towns and a central castle where a very special First-footing takes place. Our hero must solve in-game puzzles to unravel the storyline and fight foes to get to his final destination.
  • Ranger Arcade Game

    Ranger Arcade Game

    This adorable game was created to showcase the owner's own dog, Ranger! We created a custom 3D model of Ranger's likeness and put him to work rounding up sheep! This game includes several levels of play, a bonus round between each level, lots of custom art, and 3D models.
  • Advanced Image Editor

    Advanced Image Editor

    This one-of-a-kind image editor allows you to do almost anything with an image. You can import images to the library or use images provided from the database. You can use fonts and shapes provided from the database. You can X/Y scale, rotate, skew, translate, color, adjust depth, and you can even draw. And if that's not enough, it also allows you to export your creations at 300DPI in jpg format.
  • Product Demo

    Product Demo

    Custom demo created for Squiggle Style.
  • HTML5 Employee Engagement Game

    HTML5 Employee Engagement Game

    The Luck Duck is a simple but cute marketing promo that utilizes FlashVars and an external interface for points to spend on prizes.

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